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If you’re already printing checks In House then you must look at a time and money saving alternative offered by a company committed to 21st century technology and service moving forward.

  • No In House system provides Premier’s speed and ease of use. Anyone can learn to create professional check products in just minutes.

Premier Check offers you:


  • Save 35 – 40% on your annual check printing costs.

  • Produce orders 3 times faster with better quality controls.

  • Best pricing available on single box orders.

  • Maintain minimal on-site inventories with 1 – 3 day normal delivery times.


  • Premier offers you a free financial return due-diligence report. The review is extremely thorough and typically reveals significant annual savings in staff time, consumable costs and maintenance fees.

  • Premier offers you a list of clients that you can contact.

  • Premier can either arrange a visit for you at a nearby customer site, or setup a demonstration at your site.


  • Premier’s conversion team will coordinate with your staff in advance to customize the software before we arrive for the training. The process is extremely easy and quick and is usually complete when we arrive.

  • Premier will transfer your existing data to our system to ensure a simple and fast conversion.

  • The Premier team will conduct an on-site 2 day installation and training for your staff.

  • Dedicated customer service team responds to your software and hardware service needs within 24-hours.