Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of In House check production?:

We are Bankers, not Printers … why would we consider In House check printing?

You are constantly looking for ways to increase non-interest fee income and improve your customer service. By providing a top quality product that your customer base continues to use, faster and cheaper you will increase your market penetration to your account base. This will allow you more face-to-face opportunities to cross-sell your services to these account holders and also increase their loyalty to you. The competition in your marketplace is growing even if your population base is not and you need ever edge in your favor.

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What are the system requirements?
Premier delivers a turn-key system including the HP MICR Laser printer, a label printer, and the table top electric binding unit. The software is loaded onto your PC located on your network.

What training is provided?
Premier comes on-site for a 2 day training and installation session with your staff.

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Using the system:

How much time does it take to print check In House?
The amount of time required to print checks In House depends on the number of checking accounts you service. As an example, an institution with 4000 retail and 500 commercial checking accounts will typically spend 4 - 5 staff hours weekly to fulfill orders.

Who typically fulfills the customer orders?
Premier’s customers typically leverage existing employees, including teller, operations or part-time staff members to print checks In House. Most financial institutions tend to fulfill orders 2 – 4 times weekly.

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The Software:

What on-going software support and upgrades come with the system?
You pay an annual maintenance fee which includes Premier’s software support during business hours M-F. This fee includes all upgrades which we notify you of and are downloaded from our website.

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The Hardware:

How much floor space does the system require?
Premier’s In House check printing system requires dedicated space for an HP 9050 MICR Laser printer (desktop or floor standing configurations – 50” x 24”) and a binding unit (38” x 25”). Premier warehouses all supplies in a climate controlled environment until they are needed on-site by the institution. Premier’s 1 to 3 day turnaround of supplies enables our users to store limited paper and toner quantities on-site.

What service comes with the system?
Premier partners with local service providers trained by us on our equipment. The maintenance fees include 2 preventative maintenance visits annually with an additional emergency visit should it be necessary. First year is bumper-to-bumper for the entire system.

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How do the quality of supplies compare to our existing vendor?
Premier warranties 100% of all products produced by the system. We print using only the highest quality components including; ABA-ANSI compliant MICR toner printed on the HP 9050 MICR Laser printer and using #24 MICR bond stock.

How do we order supplies?
Email the supply re-order form to

How long does it take to get supplies?
1 – 3 days normal ground delivery (UPS or SpeeDee Delivery)

How many supplies do we need to keep on hand?
Only the amount you need. We do not discount our orders for volume purchases for two reasons … we can keep the supplies in our climate controlled environment right up until the time that you use the supplies, and it frees up your funds for other resources.

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Serving Your Customer Better:

Why should I print checks In House with Premier’s system?
Your marketplace is extremely competitive and you’re constantly searching for methods to improve service and increase non-interest fee income. The In House product allows you to offer a quality product, faster, and at a lower price. The result is improved service to your customers and a way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Do you offer any marketing help to us and our customers?
We will work directly with you and your marketing personnel to help inform your customer base of the service you are providing. This includes

• counter stands
• banners
• statement/tube stuffers
• teller giveaways help with letting your webpage visitors
• learn about this service
• even allowing them to send you their reorder requests.

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What about the future of checks:

With debit transactions increasing, what is the future of the paper check?

• In spite of legislation like Check 21, the market and profit potential for paper checks remains huge.

• American consumers and businesses wrote more than 33 billion checks in 2007.

• 74% of all business payments were made by check more dollars moved by check than by all electronic payment methods combined.

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