Financial Return (ROI) Calculator

The Check Maestro System from Premier Check typically pays for itself in just a few months. This handy ROI calculator can help you get an idea of the potential return on your financial investment. Just enter the number of accounts you serve and hit submit. You’ll get an instant estimate of your return on investment based on industry standard check usage statistics and our standard check pricing

* If you’d like to know more, request our free comprehensive analysis below.

How many checking accounts do you have?

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Premier offers a free comprehensive analysis of your current check program and compares it to our In House program. The report includes a cost break-down of your current program by product and billing types and compares it to ALL the costs of In House production of those same products.

Click here to receive your free report. Or simply write to with the email subject line "Free Report".

*NOTE: Our standard suggested prices for the checks you produce are designed to make you competitive with online or mail order check printers. However, the Check Maestro software allows you complete pricing flexibility. By charging a premium price or adding rush charges, you can reduce the ROI time and increase profits significantly.

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